Despite hurricanes, sea turtles nest in record numbers in Florida

Green turtles typically see high numbers every other year

(Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. – Green sea turtles nested in record numbers around Florida this year, surpassing previous records statewide.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission documented approximately 39,000 green turtle nests on the 27 index beaches the state monitors to assess trends in nesting sea turtles.

When the state first began surveying the index beaches nearly 30 years ago, 464 green turtle nests were recorded. That total had jumped to 10,701 by 2011. Green turtles typically see high numbers every other year.

The News-Journal reported after HUrricane Irma, more than 1,000 live hatchling turtles were recovered on beaches, as well as more than 800 "washback" sea turtles -- hatchlings from earlier in the season that made their way offshore and were returned to the beach by rough seas.