$900 puppy stolen from Orlando pet store

Owner continues to crack down on security after several thefts

ORLANDO, Fla. – The owner of one pet store in Orlando is asking for your help in trying to identify someone who stole a puppy from his store on Black Friday.

Surveillance video shows a woman distracting an employee Friday evening so she can get away with a French beagle puppy worth nearly $900.

"She was 10 steps ahead of him out the front door," owner Charles Glatz said. "With a car waiting with the back door open, and she jumped in with the puppy and took off."

Charles Glatz and his family have run The Puppy Stop on East Colonial Drive for 12 years.

This is not the first time a puppy has been stolen from this store. News 6 showed when someone stole a $2,300 yorkie in January 2016.

In November 2015, a woman was caught trying to put a dog in her purse.

And in 2013, a man stuffed a pug and miniature dachshund down his pants.

"The last few times this did happen, we gotten our puppy back and they've went to jail," Glatz said.

The owner had 14 surveillance cameras installed a couple of years back when one of those puppies was stolen. Now, he's looking to add a gate near the entrance to slow down any would-be thieves.

"If we had that gate, in this particular instance, this puppy wouldn't have gotten away," he said.

Anyone who has any idea who the woman is who stole the dog is asked to call Orlando police.

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