'Desperate, dangerous' suspect arrested in Semoran-area robberies

Orlando police arrest Israel Landrau Marchis

(Photo courtesy of Orange County Jail)

ORLANDO, Fla. – A "desperate and dangerous" man was arrested in a string of armed robberies in the Semoran area of Orlando, police said.

Israel Landrau Marchis, 48, was arrested Friday in connection with six armed robberies -- five of which occurred in November.

"The amount of robberies in a small amount of time. And then he hit a store in the middle of the day time. It was crowded. There were children in there so that shows you how desperate and dangerous he is," Orlando Police Det. David Osso said. 


Det. Osso said Marchis, who has a history of drug arrests, pointed a gun and threatened victims during some of the robberies -- one of which took place in a crowded store during the day.The robberies include three gas stations, a McDonald's and a Dollar Tree.

"That shows you just how dangerous he is," Osso said. "The community is a lot safer now that he's off the streets."

None of the victims was physically injured, but several were shaken emotionally, Osso said.

Osso said intelligence from the community helped lead to the arrest. Osso said Marchis jumped through a window at a home where he was staying in an effort to avoid officers.

"If you're going to do something like this, you're going to get caught eventually," Osso said.

Police said they're working to identify a second person who was involved in one of the six robberies.

"I am very happy that they finally caught him. Really am. It took some time but I am glad they caught him," 7-Eleven manager Angelica Walton said.

Angelica Walton works at 7-Eleven along South Semoran that was robbed on November 14th. The news was greeted with a smile and gratuity towards police. 

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