2 year-old South Florida child tests positive for cocaine, man arrested


RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. – A South Florida man was arrested after a 2-year-old child tested positive for cocaine.

Sean Paul Mitropanopoulus of Singer Island was arrested Thursday and charged with one count of child neglect.

The Palm Beach Post reports the child was brought to a West Palm Beach hospital on Oct. 30 by a woman after concerns over the way the child was acting. Tests confirmed the child had ingested cocaine.

The woman claims the 2-year-old was lethargic when she picked up the child from Mitropanopoulus's home.

The unnamed woman's relationship with Mitropanopoulus is unknown, but she claims to have warned Mitropanopoulus over using drugs around the child.

A judge ordered Mitropanopoulus to undergo a drug screen after he refused to speak or be tested by detectives. He tested positive for cocaine and benzodiazepine.

The report claims the Florida Department of Children and Families is also investigating the incident.