Man arrested after attempted carjacking, hijacking SUV, police say

James Richard Marine Jr., 30, facing multiple charges


ORLANDO, Fla. – Authorities arrested a man accused of trying to carjack a Lyft driver overnight and hijacking another vehicle with several passengers, the Orlando Police Department said Sunday morning.

Officers said the incident took place near the intersection of Millenia Boulevard and West Oak Ridge Road, not far from the Mall at Millenia.

Police said the suspect, identified as James Richard Marine Jr., 30, attempted to carjack a vehicle from a man, but broke the key off in the ignition when he tried to start it. He got out of the vehicle and ran. The man told police Marine was reaching for his pants as if he had a gun, but never saw one.

Police said they received a call a short time later that a man matching the same description walked up to a Kia sports utility vehicle and asked a man driving the car for money. He declined. Marine then walked around and asked a woman in the passenger seat for a ride, which she declined and locked her doors, but police said her son accidentally unlocked the car and Marine got inside.

The man driving the car told police he repeatedly asked Marine to get out of the vehicle, but Marine said, "Hell no," and told her he would go to jail for a long time, so he didn't care what happened and that he needed to give him a ride to his house in the Texas area.

The man told police in order to protect his family, he did as Marine said and drove him to the area of the Mall at Millenia, where Marine got out and ran.

Officers said they located Marine a short time later hiding beneath a trailer, adding that he resisted officers as they tried to handcuff him.

Marine is charged with kidnapping a child under the age of 13, attempted carjacking, trespassing in an occupied conveyance, loitering and resisting officers, among other charges.

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