Mom accused of leaving son in car while she went into bar to drink, deputies say

Deputies found boy son playing on his cell phone in vehicle


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Deputies arrested a Volusia County woman after she was accused of going into a bar to have a couple of beers while leaving her child in her car.

Deputies said Ilka Soto Ortiz left her son in the car outside of the Shotz Bar in Volusia County.

The bartender told deputies she saw Soto Ortiz pull up to the bar and heard her tell her son not to go inside.

The bartender asked her if she wanted to bring her son inside to have him sit at a table. Soto Ortiz told her that the boy was fine and could stay inside the vehicle.

When being questioned by deputies, she told them she was coming from Sanford and stopped by the bar for a drink and to use the bathroom.

"It would not have been more than 30 minutes max," Soto Ortiz told deputies.

In the report, deputies said Soto Ortiz was having difficulty remembering what time she went to dinner and she was swaying back and forth. She is also described to have glassy eyes and the smell of alcohol.

Soto Ortiz's son was turned over to her boyfriend who told police that she had a drinking problem.

Soto Ortiz has $2,500 bail and is charged with child neglect.