Texas cheerleader's gravity-defying stunt goes viral

Ariel Olivar appears to walk on air


HOUSTON – People all over the world are talking about something that happened during Friday night's playoff game between the Manvel Mavericks and the Cedar Park Timberwolves, but the buzz isn't about the football game itself.

It was a gravity-defying stunt on the sidelines that has all of the internet doing a double take.

A Manvel High School cheerleader performed the trick, and posted video on Twitter. The video shows Ariel Olivar stepping over an invisible box, appearing to walk on air. The jaw-dropping feat has gone viral. As of Monday, the video had been retweeted more than 111,000 times and liked more than 216,000 times.

You know you've done something cool in the sports world when it gets SportsCenter's attention. The video is now on the SportsCenter Instagram and Twitter accounts, where Olivar is racking up more retweets, likes and shares.

News of Olivar's stunt has even made it across the pond. The Daily Mirror wrote an article about it, describing Olivar's "impressive mastery of the trick."