Man arrested in cinder block attack in Ormond Beach, police say

Suspect allegedly told victim, 'You need to stop making my mother turn on me'

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – A man is accused of attacking his mother's roommate with a cinder block because he thought the victim was making his mother "turn" on him, according to officials from the Ormond Beach Police Department.

Police said when they arrived at the home on Center Street on Sunday afternoon, they found the victim on the ground bleeding profusely from the top of his head. His face and clothes were covered in blood, police said.

The victim told police that he had just gotten out of his vehicle when Justin Phillips, 31, approached him from behind and struck him in the head with the cinder block, knocking him to the ground, the report said.

Police said the victim momentarily lost consciousness, and when he regained consciousness, Phillips was straddling him and choking him, telling him, "You're just a cop-calling (expletive)," according to authorities.

A 10-year-old girl who lives next door told police she saw Phillips choking the victim while yelling, "You need to stop making my mother turn on me," the report said.

"If it wasn't for her, he'd be dead," said neighbor James Powell.

The victim, a local college professor, remains in the hospital.
"He's in critical condition and has bruises and everything," another neighbor said.

The victim's head is covered in stitches and staples. He could also have suffered from a possible disfigurement, according to the report. 

But neighbors told News 6 that he's alive, thanks to his 10-year-old neighbor.

"She just jumped right in. She knew what she was doing. I'm amazed at it," said Fuller.

Paramedics said the victim likely suffered a skull fracture or brain injury. He was taken to Halifax Hospital.

Phillips was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, battery and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Phillips mother declined to comment but said she felt terrible about what happened. She hopes her son stays in jail because he needs some help.

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