Reports: Snoop Dogg defends Jay Z following threats made by George Zimmerman

Zimmerman threatens to feed Jay Z to alligators, reports say

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Snoop Dogg is sticking up for fellow rapper Jay Z after George Zimmerman reportedly threatened him Saturday in an interview with The Blast, CBS News reported.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, said he was going to “beat” Jay Z and threatened to feed him to alligators after he said the rapper “harassed” his family for footage and interviews while working on a documentary about Martin’s life, according to The Blast.

Snoop Dogg responded to the threat in an Instagram post over the weekend.

"If one hair on Jays hair is touched that's when the revolution will b televised. ... the system let the [expletive] get away with murder try it again Trayvon Martin Gone but not forgotten,” Snoop Dogg wrote.

CBS News reported that Zimmerman also told The Blast that producers have asked his family for unpaid interviews for the documentary, which Jay Z is producing.

Zimmerman seemed to have referenced Martin’s death in the interview with The Blast when he said, "I know how to handle people who [expletive] with me. I have since February 2012," according to CBS News.

Martin, who was 17 years old at the time of the shooting, was walking home from a convenience store in Sanford when Zimmerman, who was working as a neighborhood watch volunteer, shot him in what Zimmerman said was self-defense after the two became involved in a scuffle, according to reports.

Jay Z and The Weinstein Co. announced in March that they planned to make a docu-series about the teenager’s life that would be based on a number of books, including "Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin," which was written by Martin’s parents, Variety originally reported.

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