Hurricane Maria damage remains in pockets of Puerto Rico

News 6 spoke to woman in San Juan's community known as Trastalleres

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Jolimar Andino Gonzalez was huddled with her toddlers and family in their San Juan home the night Hurricane Maria hit.

The high winds uprooted trees and left one on top of her home.

"We lost electricity on Irma, so we didn't have any way to see what was going on in everybody's houses and lost signal pretty quickly," said Gonzalez.

She's still without power almost three months later.

A woman who lives in San Juan's community known as Trastalleres also remains without power.

Water filled her home.

Aluminum siding now serves as the roof.

A few blocks away, a power pole remains split in the middle of the road and resting on a home.

"The winds were howling and they were just pulling everything out of the ground. A lot of the roofs were lifted off," said Evelyn Castro.

Castro chose to retire in Puerto Rico because of the nice weather.

"We haven't had electricity for 89 days. That's Irma included," said Castro.

This past week, residents who live along the roads in Trastalleres say they have seen power crews.

In the beginning, they also saw FEMA but as to when their power will be restored or when downed power lines will not be a normal site, that's part of the plethora of unknown.

But the optimism is one thing that's for sure.

"I think that we will have a very dark Christmas but it will be a happy Christmas either way," said Gonzalez.