Man shot, killed Ocala teen holding juvenile at gunpoint, police say

Edrige Rivers won't face charges in death of Jeffrey Scott, Ocala police say

OCALA, Fla. – A 54-year-old man shot and killed one Ocala teen and critically wounded another after he spotted a juvenile being held at gunpoint following a fight near Vanguard High School, police said.

Ocala police said no charges will be filed against Edrige Rivers, who shot and killed Jeffrey Scott and injured Marcus Cooper, both 18, in the shooting, which was reported Dec. 12 in the 2200 block of NW 1st Avenue.

Cooper remains hospitalized in critical condition but is expected to survive, police said.

According to police, Scott got into a fist fight with a juvenile just off campus following a basketball game at Vanguard High. Others became involved in the fight, police said.

Two juveniles who were involved in the brawl went to the home of their friend who had been badly beaten but did not find him, police said. As the two juveniles were parked, a vehicle driven by Cooper, with Scott as a passenger, stopped, police said.

According to authorities, Scott got out of the vehicle and pointed a gun at one of the juveniles, threatening him.

Police said Rivers, who knew the juvenile held at gunpoint, passed the confrontation and yelled for Scott to stop. Rivers then shot at Scott, and Scott and Cooper were both struck, police said.

Scott returned fire, and Rivers drove away from the scene, police said.

Rivers told authorities that he fired his weapon because he was in fear for the safety of the juvenile being threatened, according to police.

Officials said interviews with everyone involved in the incident verified Rivers' account. Surveillance video also captured the incident, supporting Rivers' story, police said.

"At this time, the Ocala Police Department believes this investigation has determined the deadly force used by Mr. Edrige Rivers is a justifiable use of deadly force in the protection of another person," a statement from Ocala police said. 

A case review will be done by the state attorney’s office to determine if further investigation is needed.

Meanwhile, a fire broke out Wednesday at a home near the shooting scene.

"The residential fire (arson) is a separate, ongoing investigation. It is believed to be connected to the shooting because a resident of the home was involved in the shooting incident," police said.

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