Boys & Girls Club releases Christmas video that will bring tears to your eyes

'It's good to be reminded of the ultimate humanity of people,' director says


ORLANDO, Fla. – The Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida has released a viral Christmas video that will restore your faith in humanity while bringing tears to your eyes. 

The video begins with the interviewer asking the children what they would like for Christmas. After they give their answers, the children then are asked what their moms would like for Christmas. 

After both answers are given, each child is presented two gifts--one that was their Christmas wish and the one that was their mom's Christmas wish. The children are elated, until the interviewer reveals a twist.

The children are only allowed to choose one gift: the gift for themselves or the gift for their mom. They can't have both.

Some children answer right away, while others ponder the decision for a while. But in the end, every child in the video arrives at the same conclusion.

They sacrifice their gift to give their mom her ultimate wish. 

Betsy Owens, director of marketing and communications at Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida, said she originally saw the video concept done at a Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta and thought it was a great idea; however, money is tight for the non-profit, and she realized she would need some help to get the video off the ground. Red Box stepped in to give the club money for the children's presents and help with the production of the video.

Owens said nerves set in before interviewing the kids, wondering how they would react to the questions. She said many of these kids have very little, and when presented with their dream Christmas gift, she wasn't sure how they would react. 

But when the children each gave their answers, she breathed a sigh of relief. "These kids, they really have good hearts," Owens said. "These children have very little to give, so when the opportunity presented itself to give something to their parents, they were thrilled." 

The parents also had no idea what was going on during the video. The Boys & Girls Club staff told them that they were having a holiday pizza party, but Owens said once the children's answers were revealed and the parents learned what was going on there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

"You hear a lot of doom and gloom about the generation coming along, and it helps me restore my faith in the children that are coming behind us," Owens said. "Their parents were very touched." 

The children's parents weren't the only ones who were touched. The video has been spreading across the community on social media, and for many, it has restored their faith in humanity. 

"It's been a tough year, and it's good to be reminded of the ultimate humanity of people," Owens said. "Generosity isn't a luxury item, it's not just for people who can afford to be generous. Sometimes there is a negative correlation between the level of someone's wealth and their generosity." 

Find the full video here: 

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Posted by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida on Tuesday, December 19, 2017