Package thief caught on camera twice in Lake County

Woman even returned one package, homeowner says

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – Two similar instances of package theft took place in the Grand Island area of Lake County, and in a strange twist, one of the items was even returned.

Regardless, homeowners are now on high alert after these two cases.

Two different homeowners this week showed News 6 video footage of a woman walking to their door. 

She's wearing the same outfit in both incidents, and both homeowners said it appeared that the woman was waiting on their deliveries. 

"I got a notification on my phone that alerted me that somebody was in the yard," Richard Sullivan said.

And that’s when he spotted the woman, about noon Tuesday, walk up to his home, take his package and stick it in her purse, Sullivan said. Next, the woman got in her car and drove away.

"She actually looked through the front window first to see if anybody was home," Sullivan said.

Sullivan thinks the woman had been watching the UPS driver. His surveillance video shows the delivery happening around 12:20 p.m., and not even 10 minutes later, the woman showed up.

"I just don't understand why people don't want to work for a living and buy their own Christmas gifts," Sullivan said.

Sullivan wasn’t the only one targeted. Amanda Cleveland said she saw Sullivan's post on Facebook and went to check her cameras. Sure enough, she found the woman on her video as well.

"I see the lady -- same clothes, same purse, (same) everything,” she said. “(She walked) up to the front door. It makes you sick to your stomach to think that there's people that just take from hardworking people.”

Inside the package was a part that her husband ordered for his truck, Cleveland said.

The very next day after it vanished, she found the package back on her doorstep. This time, it was open.

"Maybe she said, ‘It doesn’t work for my car.’ I hope karma gets her,” Cleveland said. “Nicely put, I hope karma gets her and she gets what she deserves.”

News 6 contacted Lake County deputies about both cases and they said they’re investigating.