Man flees traffic stop, strikes deputy's cruiser, officials say

Terry Defranc faces several charges, including fleeing police

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A man is behind bars Friday morning after fleeing a traffic stop in Seminole County and subsequently hitting a deputy's vehicle with this car, officials said.

Deputies attempted to pull over Terry Defranc on State Road 436 and Fern Park Boulevard for running a red light on State Road
600, according to the arrest report. 

According to the report, Defranc, who had a passenger in the car, told deputies he never had a license. The report later said Defranc had his license suspended.

As the deputy was asking for his last name, Defranc reversed his car and looked into his rear-view mirror, officials said. 

While reversing his car, Defranc hit a deputy's vehicle and drove off, officials said.

According to the report, Defranc almost hit both deputies conducting the stop.

Defranc later crashed on U.S. Highway 17-92 and General Hutchinson Parkway and then tried to run, deputies said.

According to officials, Defranc was caught by a K-9 unit and bitten.

He faces several charges, including resisting an officer, operating a motor vehicle without a valid license and fleeing police.

Defranc is set to appear in court on Friday.