Stolen Titusville car crashes during high-speed joyride, police say

Three arrested in wreck

The wrecked white Nissan, waiting for a tow truck, had a lot of new miles on its tires, but it wasn't the owner who was driving.

Titusville police said the 2015 Altima was stolen. A citywide joyride ended with a crash Friday morning on South Park Avenue.

The driver was "speeding through the entire city, all morning for a few hours," Amy Matthews with Titusville Police told News 6.

Police said the driver was 21-year-old Michael Bradshaw.

Records show he has been arrested seven times the past two years prior to Friday, most recently in October for allegedly stealing a car.

Police said Bradshaw cashed into a gray Cadillac sedan.

Bradshaw abandoned the Nissan and made a run for it while the damaged Cadillac was driven away, according to authorities.

Police found the car two miles up the road on Watrous Drive. Everyone involved was put in custody Friday. 

Charges are also pending for the 17-year-old Cadillac driver and one of its juvenile passengers.

"We are very fortunate no one was harmed," Matthews said.

But police said the public was in danger.

News 6 called police when an hour before the crash, reporter James Sparvero saw the Nissan speeding on Talmadge Drive.

Police said officers were then on the lookout.

"I wanted to say thank you for calling that in and letting us know that there was maybe someone who could harm someone in our community. Thanks for the heads up and the vigilance," Matthews told News 6.

Titusville police added they want everyone to be vigilant when watching someone driving recklessly.

Police said by calling them, you could be saving a life if someone is driving dangerously.

About the Author:

James Sparvero

James joined News 6 in March 2016 as the Brevard County Reporter. His arrival was the realization of a three-year effort to return to the state where his career began. James is from Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Penn State in 2009 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

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