Lake County School District takes precautions for frigid weather

Students return to school from winter break

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – Colder than normal temperatures forced the Lake County School District to take extra precautions to keep students safe on the first day back from holiday vacation.

School bus mechanics came in early, warming buses and checking fluids on a morning where temperatures dipped into the high 20s in some areas.

Lead driver John Ross said the cold might have factored into why one bus had trouble starting Thursday morning. They eventually got it going.

The district also made sure to warm school buildings snf leave pipes dripping to keep them from bursting, and they shut off irrigation systems for fear sidewalks could get icy.

Another big concern was students not being properly dressed, so counties across Central Florida collected donations for students in need.

Lake County School District officials said the day was otherwise normal, and they had no issues with buildings or students concerning the cold.