Marathoners brave cold temperatures for Walt Disney World Marathon

25th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Marathon

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Thousands of runners started off their Friday morning at EPCOT for the 10k run of the Walt Disney World Marathon.
They braved the cold temperatures after a special warning about the weather.
Marathoners were advised to dress in layers and stay hydrated for the race. 
Our very own, Erik Sandoval came prepared Friday morning to face the cold.
"I have three layers on underneath this jacket and for a test run, I walked my dog." he said.
About 14,000 people showed up to the 6.2-mile run on Friday. A 5K kicked off the marathon on Thursday with 15,000 people.
This is the 25th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Marathon which started in 1994.
The races will continue through out the weekend. The half marathon will take place on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday.

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