Central Florida family frustrated with solar panel company

Family still waiting on promised equipment, savings

CENTRAL FLORIDA – A Central Florida family is frustrated and angry at a solar power company based in New Jersey but doing business in the Orlando area. And it turns out they are not alone.
The Salicrup family says the company promised them big savings and rebates - and even financing if they signed on the dotted line. They say instead, they've had long waits and headaches.
"I'm just sick and tired of the excuses," said Ferdinand Salicrup, who contacted News 6 about his experience with the solar company's sales team. "He owes me $1,049."
Salicrup lives in Orlando, and says he picked USA Solar Inc. because they promised him big savings on his home energy bill - and even his taxes.

He says he chose them because his next door neighbor did - and he hoped his neighbors would receive a $500 bonus check for referring him.
But Salicrup says the neighbors - who are from Haiti and speak limited English - never did receive the promised referral check. And he admits neither of them did a background check on USA Solar Inc.
Salicrup says now both of them have experienced one delay after another with the solar panel company.
"And mine was on before theirs was on, and they started months before me," said Salicrup.
He says he was hoping by having the solar panels on the outside, and energy-efficient lighting and water tank monitors on the inside, it would help lower the bill for the electricity they use. But Salicrup says USA Solar Inc. failed to provide all the energy-efficient equipment he asked and paid for - and he's still waiting to see the solar panel savings on his electric bill.
"I want the rebate, I want them to complete this, and take care of my neighbors," said Salicrup. "And nothing gets done."
He says what's even more frustrating is that he signed the contract and got all the company-approved financing back in August. 
When he called to follow up with the company's local contact, he says he was threatened with a lawsuit.
"He accused me of harassing him," said Salicrup. "So I decided to call you guys (News 6) because I'm tired of waiting for them to respond."
Beronica Moreno lives in Haines City and says she signed up with USA Solar Inc. back in April. She says she started 2018 still waiting for some of her promised equipment - including a water heater optimizer and energy efficient track lighting.

The water heater optimizer finally arrived January 3rd. But Moreno says the company never delivered the lighting, saying it was no longer available. She says it also took the company representatives 4 months to install the solar attic fans and she's still waiting to see any significant savings in her energy bill.
News 6 called and texted USA Solar Inc. several times, and even sent an email to their corporate headquarters in New Jersey.  We also sent them copies of the contracts given to the Salicrups and the Morenos.
Their local representative originally told us solar savings take a little bit of time, and that they often have to wait months for the local utilities to give them permission to interconnect.
News 6 checked and Duke Energy confirmed that happened months ago - on November 9 for the Salicrups and June 6 for the Morenos.
News 6 also learned the contractor number used on the contracts belongs to a local company in Kissimmee that is no longer affiliated with USA Solar Inc. The owner tells News 6 he is concerned his number is still listed on their contracts - especially since he has a good rating with the state.

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