Damaged light pole poses problem for Daytona Beach business owner

FPL repairs pole after News 6 inquiry

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A store owner got so tired of getting the runaround as to who is responsible for fixing a dangling light pole, he contacted News 6.

"It looks like a truck must have backed into it during the night," said Patrick Johnson, owner of Pompano Pat's Motorcycles.

The damaged light pole has been dangerously hanging over the shop's sign since Dec. 27. Johnson said it's been a nightmare trying to find someone to repair it. He first called Florida Power & Light Company.

"The driver told them it wasn't their pole," he said.

The store then called Spectrum and AT&T, only to get the same response.

"It wasn't their pole either and they each sprayed an X on it," Johnson said.

 Johnson said he finally called Daytona Beach city officials.

"The city came out, put the tape on it and took the lightbulb off the top of it. They said that it is FPL's pole and they're going to have to deal with it," Johnson said.

Johnson said he called FPL again, only to hear that it's the city's pole, but they would handle it.

"It's still broken and still nobody really claims ownership of the pole," Johnson said.

Until it is fixed, the pole could damage Johnson's newly replaced sign, and more importantly, hurt someone.

"You're going to have live lines. Obviously, it's going to take the sign with it --  glass, bulbs, electrical ballast. It's going to be a big mess," Johnson said.

News 6 called FPL, which said it's actually an AT&T pole with an FPL light on it, but the company wanted to resolve the problem and sent a crew Friday afternoon to brace the pole in place.

"We're glad you're here. At least now, somebody will see that it's a genuinely dangerous problem and needs to be dealt with," Johnson said.

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