Document: New prosecutor assigned to investigate OPD's use of force on Markeith Loyd

Gov. Scott signed executive order in December, document shows

ORLANDO, Fla. – Gov. Rick Scott has assigned another prosecutor to handle the use of force investigation involving Orlando police officers and Markeith Loyd.

According to an executive order signed Dec. 19, Scott assigned State Attorney Phil Archer to oversee the investigation once it's completed.

According to emails just obtained by News 6, the order came after finger-pointing took place between State Attorney Brad King and State Attorney Aramis Ayala about who had jurisdiction. 

Loyd was arrested in January of 2017 after he was accused of killing Lt. Debra Clayton and his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon.

During his arrest, officers beat Loyd. Orlando police later released chopper video showing Loyd crawling on his stomach to surrender, and then being kicked in the head by at least two officers before the camera pans away. Officers said he resisted arrest.

At his first appearance, Loyd's face was swollen and his eye was bandaged. We now know he is permanently blind in one eye after being struck by officers, according to the police chief.

"They done took my eye, they broke my jaw, broke my nose," Loyd told a judge during his first court appearance.  

But nearly one year after the incident, a spokesperson for the Orlando Police Department wrote in an email to News 6 that the use of force investigation is still not complete.

News 6 also learned that Loyd wrote a letter to Ayala saying he "wanted to press charges against the officers that tortured him," according to the handwritten letter. 

When OPD was notified about the letter, the department asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate. The request came on Dec.19, according to FDLE.

After Ayala announced she would not seek the death penalty in March, the governor stripped Loyd's case and dozens of others from Ayala's office and re-assigned them to King.

That left questions about who should handle the use of force investigation, according to emails obtained by News 6.

"So there is no miscommunication," King wrote in an email Dec. 8. "I do not have jurisdiction to review Mr. Loyd's request. That is the prerogative of your office,"

Ayala fired back, writing the governor directed King to handle "all matters related to Markeith Loyd."

After the governor's office was alerted, on Dec. 19, the governor issued an executive order assigning State Attorney Archer to the use of force investigation.

It is unclear when the FDLE will complete the investigation and forward it to Archer for review.

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