Skimmers installed, gas stolen at College Park gas station

2 pulled over in separate cars after being seen at gas station after hours

ORLANDO, Fla. – Skimmers were installed and gas was stolen at a College Park gas station.

Deputies said a Citgo gas station on the corner of Edgewater Drive and Maury Road has been the target of thieves.

"It almost makes you feel like you might not be safe anywhere," Maria Tomaszewski said.

Tomaszewski said she's had problems at the College Park Citgo before.

"The card rejected at the pump, and so I tried a different pump and it rejected again. I was notified from my bank that my card had been compromised," Tomaszewki said.


Jose Gonzales and Maynelis Gutierrez were arrested after Orange County deputies said they were caught redhanded. Detectives said the two were pulled over in separate cars after being seen at the gas station after hours Wednesday night.

In the arrest report, a deputy said there was an overwhelming smell of gasoline coming from the van Gonzalez was driving. Deputies said while searching the van they found multiple sets of keys, a large plastic tank, a pump and an electric motor.

Detectives said the keys were then traced back to the Citgo, adding they were copies used to open the fuel pumps.

In a separate traffic stop, deputies pulled over Gutierrez. They said a search of her car revealed a credit card skimmer.

People that pump at the Citgo said they'll be thinking twice.

"If I have to get gas at a local that there's known to be skimmers and I have to stop there, I go inside and pay," Roger Nash said.

"I think I'm going to be more careful about going to smaller gas stations, but that one in particular I probably wouldn't go back there again," Tomaszewki said.

Deputies said a 3-month-old baby was in the car Gutierrez was driving.