Daytona Beach couple says DirecTV-installed dish damaged chimney​

Company officials deny claim


A  DirecTV satellite system installation issue has a Daytona Beach couple hoping they can have the repair costs covered by the company. 


The couple told News 6 the company damaged their chimney while installing the dish. 


"It was right below the roofline," Joe Wozniak told News 6.  The damage, according to Wozniak, included cracked stones that led to water seeping into the home.  He provided pictures of the alleged damage. 


"The first time it rained we had to put buckets in our fireplace because the rain just poured in," June Wozniak said.


The couple told News 6 that two technicians contracted by DirecTV came on two different days and the leaking chimney happened after the installation. 


"We had no leaks before," June said. "Obviously they did the damage."


The couple filed a claim with DirecTV to try and recover the $540 they paid to have it repaired, but they got a letter saying their claim was denied.  


One of the reasons, "The technician did not access the side of the chimney where the damage is located," the letter from the company stated. 


"There's the dish," June said, pointing to the roof.  "There's where the damage occurred.  It's literally like 3 feet," she said.


There were technicians at their home that were contracted by DirecTV but technically worked for another company.  


That made the claims process difficult, according to the Wozniaks.


DirecTV also has a third-party claims administrator.


The couple says there were too many people involved and no one wanted to take responsibility.


"They don't want to own it," June said.  "It's frustrating." 


Holly Salmons, with the Better Business Bureau, says even when there are technicians contracted by another company someone is liable for damage to your property.


"The company you are paying, they are ultimately responsible," Salmons said. 


Salmons says after consumers go through a company's claims process, they can also contact the Better Business Bureau.


"So that Better Business Bureau can act as a third party to go to both parties to try to help the situation come to a resolution," she said.


At the very least, consumers can file a complaint to let other people know about their experience. 


The Wozniaks say that's what they want to do.


DirecTV is now owned by AT&T.  


A spokesperson, Rosie Montalvo, released a statement to News 6. "The claim was thoroughly investigated, and we believe our technicians were not doing work on or near the customer's chimney," Montalvo wrote. "We respect our customer’s property and expect our vendors to do the same." 

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