You can be a chicken nugget taste tester

Move to England and eat chicken nuggets for money

MERSEYSIDE, England – You can be a Chicken Nugget Connoisseur in 2018 and taste test nuggets for money.

B&M, a variety retailer based in the United Kingdom, is looking for chicken nugget enthusiasts to ensure taste quality of some of its products.

"We’re looking for a tasty new individual, who’ll be worth their weight in … food,” the job listing states.

Relevant experience includes getting the 20-count box of chicken nuggets from McDonald's and keeping them all for yourself, seriously.

Are you the first to the office kitchen when someone says there’s cake? You qualify.

Ever tripped in a buffet line and saved your plate of food before yourself? You’re in.

Do you know the importance of a fish finger sandwich? They’re looking for you.

Can you make a PowerPoint presentation describing why curly fries are better than chips? You should apply immediately.

Check out the full listing here.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


About the Author:

Mary Claire Patton has been a journalist with KSAT 12 since 2015. She has reported on several high-profile stories during her career at KSAT and specializes in trending news and things to do around Texas and San Antonio.