Florida lawmakers file bill for 'UCF National Champions' license plate

UCF won Peach Bowl to finish undefeated season


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – University of Central Florida football fans can potentially drive around with "UCF National Champions" vanity license plates thanks to a new bill unveiled in Tallahassee this week.

Four Florida representatives proposed the design for the license plate at Tallahassee legislative session this week. The design was made at no charge by public relations firm CATECOMM and Orlando native Sean Hartman. 

"As a UCF alumnus representing Florida House District 49, the 'UCF district,' I am incredibly proud of our national champions," Rep. Amber Mariano said.

The license plate has even garnered support from rival teams.

"Nobody wanted Auburn to beat UCF more than me," Auburn alumni Rep.James Grant said. "However, UCF beat the team who beat the team also claiming to be national champions -- Alabama -- a team with a long history of making up national championships." 

UCF fans can contact lawmakers to support the license plate here

The license plate will have its next legislative stop on January 19.