Publix employee scares burglars from locked cash registers, deputies say

Deputies still searching for 2 men

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orange County deputies are searching for two men who broke into a Publix and attempted to break into the store's locked cash registers.

A Publix employee says he was in aisle two of the store on January 7 when he heard a crashing noise from the front. He walked to the entrance expecting to see another employee, but instead saw two men with their faces covered attempting to burglarize the store.

Surveillance video shows one of the men using a rock to break the glass door to the entrance. The two men then ran to the cash registers, which were locked, and began to throw them to the floor in an attempt to break them open.

The employee says he shouted at the two burglars, and they immediately ran out of the store and into a waiting vehicle.

The men got away with no cash, but left over $5,000 worth of damage in the store.

Deputies say they were unable to take fingerprints because both men were wearing gloves. The Orange County Sheriff's Department is still looking for the burglars involved and encourage anyone with information about them to call Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477.