Community secures home for victims of fatal St. Cloud Fire

Renovations underway, volunteers needed

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – More than three months after a fire in Osceola County took the life of an 11-year-old boy, a community is rallying behind the family and getting them a new home. 

"We got people coming to do the landscaping," neighbor Jim Preston said. "We got people coming to paint the house, so the community is coming together." 

Just a couple blocks away, neighbors like Jim Preston and Lois Peter recently helped secure a home on 12th Street in St. Cloud for the Vega family. 

Back in October, a fire at the Vega family home killed Elianny Vega's 11-year-old son, James Vega. 

"I said, 'Look, there's a house over there we might be able to get for the family,'" Peter said. 

The two decided to help spearhead getting a house for the Vega family after they filled a storage unit with donated furniture for the family. 

Now, they're looking for any help they can find to get this mother and her two daughters a new place to call home. 

"It's going to mean everything because they have nothing," Preston said. "So, when we know it'll be done, it'll be something new and their own that we can give back to the girls, their mom and their family." 

"To lose everything and a little boy, and now they need a home," Peter said. "So that's what we're going to do. We're going to get them a home." 

Organizers hope to get the Vega family moved in by March. 

Anyone interested in helping with renovations can join workers Friday starting at 10 a.m., as well as on Saturday. The home is located at 90 12th Street.

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