Orlando murder suspect hid weapon in victim's own home, detectives say

Marie Guth's mother and roommate called Crimeline after seeing her tattoos

ORLANDO, Fla. – The gun used to kill 29-year-old Marie Guth was found in her own home on Castlewood Lane after one of her roommates told detectives the suspect hid the weapon under a couch, newly released records from the Orange County Sheriff's Office show.

Here's what new information was made public in the arrest affidavit:

  • The gun was found hidden at the victim's home under a couch
  • The suspect is Guth's roommates's stepbrother, temporarily staying at the Pine Hills home
  • Guth was shot after a dispute between the suspect and her former boyfriend
  • The victim's mother called Crimeline from Illinois and identified Guth after seeing her tattoo photos online

Detectives say Felix Bordon, 21, known as "Ratchet," the stepbrother of Guth's roommate, shot her because of a money dispute with another friend.

"This is an old beef that worked out between some mutual friends and, unfortunately, our victim got caught up in this discourse between these individuals," Orange County Sheriff''s Office public information Officer Jeff Williamson said.

Deputies said they believe Guth was shot in the head five to seven hours before she was found Sunday on the side of the road. She went unidentified for about 24 hours until detectives released photos to the media of her distinctive tattoos. She died on Tuesday from her injuries.

Guth's mother called Crimeline after seeing the photos online and told detectives she speaks with her daughter several times a day. She said she was worried when she didn't hear from her on Jan. 28.

One of Guth's roommates, who later led detectives to the suspect and alleged murder weapon, also called Crimeline to say the tattoos belonged to his roommate, Marie Guth.

Borbon was staying at the Pine Hill home temporarily while he found another place to live, his stepbrother told detectives.

According to the arrest report, Borbon met with Guth early Sunday morning at the home she shares with three roommates, in an attempt to find Guth's friend, “Ghost,” who owed Borbon money. Borbon then stole Guth's roommate's car and took Guth to ook for Ghost. When Guth could not contact Ghost, police said, he shot her behind an old tire shop on Silver Star Road, and then burned the car near Silver Star Road and Hiawassee.

Guth's roommates told detectives that they saw Borbon come home the morning of Jan. 27 and heard him make statements to his stepbrother "how he messed up bad," and watched him go out back and hide a gun in the couch.

Detectives found the weapon, a small, rusty .25 caliber handgun, hidden underneath the couch and later confirmed it matched the type of weapon used to kill Guth, according to the report.

Guth's roommate told detectives Borbon also threatened "Ghost" with a similar gun two weeks earlier in a dispute about money.

Borbon is charged with first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and grand theft. He is held at the Orange County Jail without bond.

Five days before she was shot, Guth posted on Facebook about her three roommates, "Love the fact I get to come home from work to roommates that are like family, love yous guys."

Williams said Guth leaves behind her dog who has been cared for by an Orange County detective until a family member can come get the pup.

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