Secret shopper offer uses post office, Walmart in scam

Walmart tells News 6 job offer is fake

ORLANDO, Fla. – A Seminole County woman who received a “too good to be true” job offer from Walmart complete with a cashiers’ check for $997, knew she was being set up.

The woman, who asked we not identify her, received a check via two-day priority mail from a California address and a man she has never heard of.

The check is from a legitimate Pennsylvania bank with no affiliation or connection to Walmart.

The job offer is a secret shopper position.

The woman told News 6 she received a two-page instruction sheet that explains the check covers “pay, survey bonus and transportation costs.”

The catch is you are supposed to deposit the check and wire back the remaining funds using the Western Union service in the Walmart store.

An address or store location is never offered.

The woman was told to buy a $50 item at Walmart and review the Western Union system and the store.

"Unfortunately, people occasionally take advantage of our reputation to perpetrate these kinds of scams. Walmart never solicits mystery or 'secret' shoppers via e-mail or any other public means," Walmart spokesperson Charles Crowson told News 6 that it is a scheme to get your money.

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