Florida Supreme Court to decide on future of red-light cameras

Are red-light cameras causing crashes?

(WPLG)--The Florida Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments later this month on the use of controversial red-light cameras. And the case could have far-reaching implications statewide.

It's been over a decade since red-light cameras were first put to the test in Florida and they've been generating controversy ever since. 

"I kind of like them because of the number of people here that run red lights, and I've been hit twice on a bicycle," one man said. 

"I disagree with them, actually," one woman said. "Sometimes I think they cause more problems (and) more accidents."

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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes.

Opponents of the devices argue that the presence of the cameras can actually be part of the problem. 

"People are concerned about the fines, so they're slamming on the brakes and that can cause rear-end collisions, and those can cause injuries, as well," Ted Hollander, of The Ticket Clinic, said. "They're just as dangerous as any other kind of accident."