ClickO on the Go: Claw machine rescue; woman flushes hamster

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 knows its viewers are busy, but also knows that it's important to stay informed. That's why we've put together a list of things you need to know that you can easily access while you're on the go.

Here's what you need to know Thursday, Feb. 8:

Claw machine rescue
A Titusville boy had to be rescued from inside an arcade game Wednesday at a restaurant. Officials say he was playing with the claw machine when he wanted a toy so badly that he jumped in to get it himself, then got stuck. Watch the full video here.

Deadly Yum-Yum sauce
A Florida man is doing prison time after Lakeland police say he put a deadly plumbing chemical in the Yum-Yum sauce at the restaurant where he was a cook. The man reportedly told police he did it because he was unhappy with working conditions. Read the full story here.

Preventing government shutdown
Congress is still working to finalize a deal that would prevent another government shutdown. The deal is on the table, the deadline is in place and all that's needed is a final vote that would pass it. Read more about the deal here.

Flushed hamster
A South Florida woman says she is considering suing Spirit Airlines after she says an employee suggested she flush her hamster since it couldn't board her flight with her. The woman says she asked twice before showing up at the airport if Pebbles the hamster could fly with her and was told it was OK, but that employees gave her a hard time when she arrived. The woman also says she tried to book a rental car, but couldn't, and eventually did flush her hamster down an airport toilet. Spirit Airlines officials say their employee didn't suggest that anyone should harm an animal and offered the woman a flight voucher. Read the full story here.

Spotty rain in Orlando area
Temperatures aren't bad Thursday in Orlando, but some areas will see rain throughout the day. Find out when and where your area will see some showers here.

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