Police chief seeks harmony after officer snubbed at Palm Bay McDonald's

Officer says worker refused to serve him

(Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

PALM BAY, Fla. – Palm Bay's police chief said he still foresees great partnerships between his department and the city's businesses despite the brusque reaction a fast-food server gave one of his lieutenants last week. 

"Our hope is that our community and businesses recognize the importance of supporting our police officers as we support them," Chief Jim Rogers said in an interview with News 6 partner Florida Today. "The department has always experienced a great working relationship with our community partners and we will continue to do so."

Officers met with management at the McDonald's in the 4700 block of Babcock Street after Lt. Tim Lancaster's Facebook post detailing the blow-off went viral. Police expressed their concern about the incident, police spokesman Lt. Steve Bland said.

The 23-year department veteran said he was in uniform as he waited at the drive-thru window when he was approached by a clerk who had his drink. When she looked through the window and saw the officer, she has a look of disgust on her face, handed the drink to another employee and walked away, Lancaster said. The other employee told Lancaster the woman "refuses to serve cops."

The department "will support our officers when they are not treated appropriately or singled out because of their profession," Bland said in the statement. 

McDonald's corporate office said Sunday the employee's behavior was unacceptable. They did not comment about any action taken against the employee by her local supervisors. 

Lancaster's Facebook post has been shared more than 8,100 times since he posted it Friday. The story was also picked up by Fox News' web site and The Blaze.  

Other fast food restaurants have found ways to show support the county's law enforcement. For years, Domino's Pizza has given 50 percent discounts to officers and deputies who are in uniform when they pick up orders from their franchises across Brevard County, said Courtney Nelson, a manager at the location in the southwest corner of Babcock and Palm Bay Road.