Titusville man finds bag full of cash, returns it

Robby Robinson hailed as hero for small act of kindness

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – A small-business owner is being hailed as a hero for a small act of kindness in the wake of a tough week in Florida.

Robby Robinson told News 6 he found a bank bag full of cash along Hopkins Avenue on Wednesday morning.

"There was a car that just passed me on a side street and came out to the road, and I noticed a bank pouch in the middle of the road," he said.

Inside, Robinson said, he found a lot of cash and a receipt.

"The first thing, I was like, 'Somebody lost this, and we need to return that,'" he said.

Robinson said he made a U-turn and headed to the nearest TD Bank, which was about a mile down the road.

He said the bank staff was ecstatic to see the bag returned with the cash still inside.

Robinson said he decided to post a picture of the bank bag on Facebook, so the person who lost it would know that it was found, and the money was still inside.

The response to his post was overwhelming.

People who said they had been watching the heartbreak unfold in South Florida said his post reassured them that people were still good.

"I believe that God used me that day to purposely be able to bring light in the world," he said.

Robinson said there's a lesson to be learned by his children,
and anyone else who will listen.

"We should always do the right thing," he said. "It’s like drinking a glass of water -- it’s just something we do."?

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