Man breaks into family's home with girlfriend, attacks sister, deputies say

Steven Prewitt, Dawn Robey arrested, face multiple charges


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A man and woman were arrested Wednesday for their part in a burglary at the home of a family member of the man, deputies said.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said Steven Prewitt and his girlfriend, Dawn Robey, both 46, broke into the home at 2512 Baffin St. on Sunday afternoon, battered Prewitt's adult sister, stole a handgun and iPhone before chasing her out of the home and leaving in a black Jeep Wrangler.

Prewitt's sister told officials he hadn't lived in the home in five years and that she was startled to see him breaking into the home. She reported to deputies that he struck multiple times on her face and body.

Deputies said Prewitt, at one point, pistol-whipped the sister and tried to choke her to the point that she nearly passed out.

Before he chased his sister out of the house, Prewitt pointed a shotgun at her, deputies said. He then left in a Jeep.

Officers with the Cape Coral Police Department said they received a tip that Prewitt and Robey were at Robey's home. There, they spotted Prewitt leaving the garage, police said.

Prewitt and Robey were apprehended without incident and face charges of armed burglary with battery, grand theft of a firearm and false imprisonment.

Prewitt's sister was treated for multiple cuts and bruises, 

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