Video of gunman shooting inside Pulse to be shown at trial, judge rules

Noor Salman accused of helping gunman Omar Mateen

ORLANDO, Fla. – With a week remaining until jury selection in the trial against Noor Salman, a judge has made a series of rulings on evidence that the jury will be allowed to see.

U.S. District Judge Paul Byron issued an order Wednesday regarding video and audio from inside the Pulse nightclub, as well as messages between Salman and her husband, Omar Mateen, who shot and killed 49 people inside the gay Orlando nightclub.

According to the order, the jury will be allowed to see video inside Pulse that shows Mateen firing several shots with a long gun.

Byron said the jury will also be allowed to see body camera video of police responding to the attack, but video of officers removing bodies will not be shown.

The order also stated that 911 calls made by Mateen are admissible.

The jury will be allowed to see text messages between Salman and Mateen, as well as statements made by Mateen to a friend named "Nemo."

The government alleged that Salman aided and abetted Mateen, which included a cover story for Mateen to use in the event his mother asked about his whereabouts.

“If ur mom calls, say nimo invited you out and noor wants to stay home," Salman said in a text to Mateen.

Byron also said the jury will be able to see evidence about extensive spending from Mateen on his wife.

The order states that a medical evaluation and statements Salman made to a doctor will not be allowed.

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Salman is charged with obstruction of justice and providing support to a terrorist organization.
Jury selection in the trial is scheduled for March 1.

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