Hearing held for Pulse gunman's widow, Noor Salman

Jury selection scheduled to start on Thursday

ORLANDO, Fla. – Less than a week before the Noor Salman trial begins, an evidentiary hearing was held in Federal Court Friday morning.

Salman is facing years in prison if she is convicted on charges that she helped her husband plan the 2016 attack that killed 49 people. Salman has denied any wrongdoing.

Salman was in court, but the public was not allowed in. The closed-door sealed hearing was to discuss some last-minute evidence that could be admitted into trial.​

This comes after Judge Paul G. Bryon issued some rulings in the case this week, including what evidence the jury will and won't be able to see.

Some of those rulings were allowing text messages sent between Mateen and Salman during the morning of Pulse attack.

Also, video of Mateen firing shots inside the club will be allowed. However, video and images of officers pulling victims' bodies out will not be allowed.

There's no word on what was discussed during Friday morning's hearing, however, one of Salman's defense attorneys, Fritz Scheller, came out all smiles.

"It's under seal, but what I can say is that I'm happy," Scheller said.

When asked if the defense team is ready for trial next week he said, "I feel confident. We are prepared."

Jury selection is expected to begin Thursday.

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