Bike Week brings crowds to Daytona Beach

Bikers say they're looking to have good time, but also trying to stay safe

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The crowds are out along the coast as Bike Week kicked off Friday.

On Friday night, Main Street in Daytona Beach was flooded with motorcycles. Bikers said they're looking to have a good time, but also trying to stay safe.

"Go slow, take your time and you get here," said Joe Vinci, who drove in from Tampa.

The sound of roaring motorcycles filled the air. Vinci told News 6 he has been coming to Bike Week for 10 years now, and said you have to be careful what you bring and where you stay.

"Don't bring a lot of valuable stuff with you. Keep the money with you, you know, and you keep the room empty," Vinci said. "All you need is clothes. We're only here about five or six days."

Vinci booked his week at Motel 6, the same motel where, deputies said, someone broke into a room on Thursday afternoon. The report said four people who came in for Bike Week got a room and went to lunch, leaving their stuff inside. They came back and noticed valuables, including a laptop, a Nikon camera and a designer Michael Kors purse, were missing.

"These doors are good and secure as long as you're inside securing them. They're not after you leave, so don't leave stuff out," Vinci said.

Bike Week runs through March 18. Officials said the streets get crowded, so make sure you take your time to get to the coast.

"There's a lot of motorcyclists. You got to be careful, because they're in every lane," biker Dean Slappay said. "When you switch lanes, something like that, you got to watch for them. You don't want to run no one over."