87-year-old veteran scammed out of $6,000, DeLand police say

'I got scammed and I'm sorry,' victim says

DeLAND, Fla. – An 87-year-old Korean War veteran was swindled out of $6,000, thinking he was helping out other veterans.

DeLand police said they are searching for the two men who scammed him.

 "It's disgusting that someone would use veterans as a guise to scam someone out of money," said Chris Graham, city of DeLand spokesman.

Police said the two men approached the victim in the parking lot of a DeLand post office Thursday and said they were raising funds for veterans. The duo claimed they already had $10,000 and only needed $6,000 more to meet their goal.

"The victim goes to the bank and gets out $6,000. The teller at the bank asked the victim if he was being scammed and he said, 'Just please give me my money.' They gave him his money," Graham said.

Once the victim handed over the cash, he realized what happened and called police.

 "I was supposed to donate $150,000 to the veterans' church or whatever and I said, 'Yeah, I'll make a copy of that.' But, I got scammed and I'm sorry. I thought I would never end up like this, never," the elderly man said.

Bill Shupe, also a veteran, said what the men did was disgusting.

"Money that's supposed to be going to somebody that served our country and fought for this country and need some help, not to be able to get it because somebody else took it," he said.

Police said they are reviewing surveillance video to get a better description of the two men.

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