Video: Man bashes car with hammer after driver tries to leave crash

Miami police say no injuries reported

MIAMI – Cellphone video captured a chaotic scene after a silver Infinity SUV crashed into several cars Sunday morning in Miami then attempted to flee the scene, WPLG reports. 

The video shows several witnesses getting out of their cars to physically stop the driver from leaving the scene of the crash before authorities arrived. 

"That's crazy. You know, you have a crash, you stop," witness Anthony Jimenez said. 

The video shows the driver reversing in the middle of Biscayne Boulevard while a man is pulling on his door handle. Moments before, a driver got out of his white minivan and began slamming the SUV with a sledgehammer, breaking every window of the car.

Miami police said there were no injuries at the scene and despite the man's attempt to flee he was taken into custody. 

Police added they do not encourage witnesses to try and stop someone from leaving the scene, rather get a good description of the vehicle and contact authorities.