Find My iPad app leads police to teens suspected in string of burglaries

At least 11 vehicles were targeted

SANFORD, Fla. – Police say they arrested three teenagers believed to be connected to a string of car burglaries early Sunday morning.

Sanford police investigators said at least 11 vehicles were targeted in the Celery Estates area.

They said they responded at around 3 a.m. after someone called police.

"Aw, man!  This sucks!" said Cliff Barfield, whose Honda Ridgeline was broken into.

Barfield said his iPad was taken from inside, and his surveillance cameras captured the break-in.

Investigators said Barfield's iPad helped lead them to the three teenagers.

They said they used the "Find my iPad" application to zero in on their location, Scott Drive, which was nearly 2 miles away.

"I didn't even realize I had it, but my iPhone has it, and we were able to pull it up, " Barfield said.  "We were able to see exactly where the iPad was, and (the officer) didn’t waste a second. He looked at the information and radioed it out to somebody, and boom, there’s helicopters in the air."

Police said they found two teens hiding in a shed, and they found another in someone's backyard.

They arrested Deandreaus Lawson, 19, Damonte Lawson, 16, and Reginald Mims, 16.

They were charged with stealing a car out of Volusia County, stealing two guns and other items, including Barfield's iPad.

"It really made me feel good that they could use that to catch the guys and recover everything," Barfield said.

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