Man says motorcycle was stolen after he was taken to hospital

Man said he was riding SR 200 when car cut out in front of him

OCALA, Fla. – A man told News 6 that someone stole his motorcycle minutes after he was rushed to the hospital.

"Came back. The bike was gone," Alton Manley said.

Manley showed News 6 his road rash from a motorcycle wreck. His arm is in a sling, and he has a broken collarbone and foot.

Manley said what hurts more than those injuries is that someone would steal his beloved blue 2016 Harley while he was in the hospital.

"It's not ridable. The key's not in it. It's locked. Who would steal a bike? I wasn't thinking about that. I was thinking, 'How hurt am I?'" he said.

Manley said he was riding on State Road 200 at about 40 mph during afternoon rush hour on March 12 when a car cut out in front of him.

"It nipped my tire a little bit, and I got nervous and laid the bike down," he said. "My whole left side was road rash."

The turn sent the bike sliding down the road. Manley said that, with the help of people stopping for him, he was able to get the bike into the median and call his mother for help. Within 15 minutes, she returned to the crash site with a trailer to find the bike was gone.

"It's ridiculous what the world is coming to, that people would take advantage at such a vulnerable moment like that and take something of someone else's," said his mother, Michelle Manley.

"Just return the bike. It's not worth it," Alton Manley said. "You stole a bike. It's not yours."

Police noted in their report that this happened during the busy Bike Week near hotels. Manley is still in a lot of pain and said he'll be undergoing surgery at the end of this week to fix his collarbone.