Former Polk County detention clerk arrested for sexual misconduct with inmate

He admitted to authorities that he was in a relationship with the inmate

Brandon Newton
Brandon Newton

POLK COUNTY, Fla – Polk County deputies arrested a former detention clerk, 24-year-old Brandon Newton of Winter Haven, after an investigation revealed that Newton had consensual oral sex with a South County Jail inmate on two occasions in March 2018. Newton was employed with the PCSO during the occasions. 

The 31-year-old inmate was arrested by PCSO deputies last month for domestic battery.

According to authorities, Newton let the inmate out of his cell and into the area where he was working to engage in consensual oral sex on March 19 and 20. 

On March 24, Newton was caught by a deputy sheriff in the jail trying to bring in two packs of cigarettes and a lighter into the facility. 

Authorities said that Newton admitted to having oral sex with the inmate during an interview, revealing that he was in a relationship with the inmate and that they didn't know each other prior to the inmate being arrested. 

Newton also admitted that he was going to give the cigarettes to the other inmate so he could sell them to other inmates.