Bricks in road causes 2 separate crashes in Volusia County

'To me, it was sabotage,' driver says


DeLEON SPRINGS, Fla. – A routine drive down Lake Winona Road on Monday night turned dangerous for Elizabeth Osborne.

"To me, it was sabotage. We see this block standing upright in the middle of the road," she said.

Osborne said she was driving to her farm around 11 p.m. when the brick came up so quick, she had no choice but to hit it or she'd end up swerving into a ditch.

"It just shattered and spread all over the road, like an explosion of brick. It was extremely scary. My kids were very shaken," she said.

Osborne said she picked up the pieces that were scattered on the road and noticed the brick had scratched up her van. Her radiator was also leaking.

Osborne said she is the second person in two days to hit bricks. A woman called the Volusia County Sheriff's Office on Sunday night and reported the same incident on Dawson Brown Road and Lake Winona Road.

 "There were these huge concrete bricks in the middle of the road. They're the same color as the road and where I live is really dark. I ran into them and completely destroyed the front of my car," the woman said in a call to the non-emergency line. "They looked like they had been put in the road on purpose. Like, they were perfectly aligned across the road."

Osborne also filed a report with the sheriff's office. She hopes deputies will investigate before someone gets seriously hurt.

"If I would have swerved off the road, we would be dead or hurt or in the hospital. Something terrible is going to happen to somebody, so something needs to be done," Osborne.

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