English bulldog named Belle stolen during burglary, Altamonte police say

Nothing else stolen from victim's apartment

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Anthony Diaz says he got home yesterday to the Lakeshore Apartments and found his front door wide open and his 6-month-old English Bulldog "Belle" nowhere to be found.

The owners say someone must have been watching and knew they had a puppy because they broke in through the second story patio and the dog was all they took.

"She's gone, and in my mind she's out there, in my head she's missing home," Diaz said. 

He says that's when he called 911, and then his sister to tell her that someone stole their puppy.

"They took the dog and the cage, it just seems like someone was watching. It's just very unsettling," said Dominique Henry.  

She tells us it couldn't have been easy getting up to the second floor and that whoever took Belle must gave climbed up or used a ladder.

"They were able to get up on the balcony some way, somehow and take off the door came into the house. The glass panel was completely off the track and was leaned up against the wall," Henry added.

Diaz and Henry are so devastated by what happened they took to Facebook pleading for Belle to come back home.

Their post has now been shared more than 6,000 times and Altamonte Springs police are also getting involved in the search.  

"She's definitely a part of our family, so I feel like they have stolen our child," Henry said. 

"I just want Belle back home," Diaz said. 

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