Shots fired in Marion County retirement community

No one hurt; deputies investigating

OCALA, Fla. – Residents of a retirement community in Marion County dealt with quite the scare early Tuesday morning after bullet holes and shell casings were found on part of the property at Live Oak Village in Silver Spring Shores. 

Crime scene tape is not what neighbors said they expected to see or have ever seen at this condominium complex, as deputies investigated for hours after calls came in of residents hearing gunshots. 

"It's always so quiet and safe," resident Linda Scialoia said. "I was very surprised. I was thinking, 'What was that?' It was so unusual." 

When deputies weren't able to find a crime scene or a victim, they left. They returned after a couple, who asked not to be identified, found shell casings in the parking lot and grass. 

"This never ever happened here before and we're quite shaken," one woman said. 

That couple found one bullet hole through the window of a unit in the condo complex. According to deputies, it's still not clear who fired these shots or what prompted it all. 

It doesn't appear anyone was hurt in all this, but just about every resident News 6 spoke with wants answers as to what happened in this otherwise very quiet community. 

"We want to feel safe, and we won't feel safe until this whole matter is concluded," one resident said. 

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