Man breaks into Orlando restaurant through ceiling

Video shows man crashing through ceiling of Wine 4 Oysters Bar and Bites


ORLANDO, Fla. – A man broke into a restaurant in Orlando through the ceiling early Wednesday.

"I'm still, like, really scared because now I know, now, at any business hours, anyone can invade a place," owner Tatitana Golenkovi said.

Surveillance video shows the front of Wine 4 Oysters Bar and Bites along South Alafaya Trail. It shows the stranger crashing through the ceiling, seeing the camera and then turning it away from his face.

"He got to the AC unit. He unscrewed it, opened it up and jumped through it," Golenkovi said.

Golenkovi opened the restaurant five months ago. She said she walked in Wednesday morning to ceiling tiles and dust all over the bar.

Video shows the man walk behind the counter. The owner said he took the cash box and then went to the fridge for some soda and wine. Moments before leaving, she said, he dropped everything but the cash and walked out the back door.

"You can see he was walking through the kitchen and then, 'Oh, a camera,' and he turned his head away," she said. "He knew what screw to unscrew on the AC unit. He knew where to get in. He knew were the camera was."

The owner said she gave the video to Orange County deputies for their investigation and shared it on Facebook, hoping someone recognizes the man.