This is the exact moment that speed limits take effect

Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer questions

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 Traffic Safety Expert Steve Montiero answers viewer questions, and one of this week's questions is about speed limits.

"Sam, of Orlando, asked a question many of us assume we know, so let’s clear it up," Montiero said.

"When do speed limits take effect?" Sam asked via email.

"When traveling down the road and you see a change of speed ahead, that’s when you should be taking a mental note of the change," Montiero said.

But when does the law say the speed has changed?

"Technically, the speed limit goes into effect the moment your vehicle has reached the sign," Montiero said. "But that’s not to say you have to drastically change your speed."

For example, Montiero said, if a car is traveling in a 55 mph zone and the driver sees a 40 mph speed limit sign ahead, he or she should slowly start to reduce the speed of the car. There is a transitional area that any law enforcement officer would understand, but there is also such a thing as pushing the limit, he said.

"Switching roles, if a driver is in a 40 mph zone and sees a 55 mph sign, don’t be that driver who accelerates aggressively and enters the speed limit at the posted speed. This is still enforceable and really not needed," Montiero said. "Like I always tell drivers, a courteous and patient driver is always a safe driver."

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