Owner sues to cure crime problem at Orlando hotel

Residents searched, visitors restricted at Lake Holden Inn


ORLANDO, Fla. – The owners of an Orange County hotel have retaken possession of the property in an effort to stop a growing crime problem.

According to court documents, a judge approved a request in March to evict the property management company at the Lake Holden Inn, at 4201 South Orange Blossom Trail, after the owners, 4201 Orlando LLC received a nuisance abatement order from the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

In a list of crimes happening at the hotel, the notice cited drug deals, prostitution and drug overdoses.

The order informed the owners that action needed to be taken to reduce the levels of crime, or they risked losing their property.

News 6 requested the calls for service at the location over the last two years and received 49 pages of calls for incidents that ranged from sexual assaults to drug deaths.


The owners of the property would not comment to News 6 about their plans for cleaning up the crime, but people who call Lake Holden Inn home are shedding some light on what's going on.

Akiba Prince said Sheriff's Office deputies are checking identification and, in some cases, searching residents before they enter the property.

Prince said the actions are extreme, and deputies won't allow her relatives to visit.

"It’s like we're in prison," she said. "No visitation?"


News 6 asked the Sheriff's Office about the extreme measures being taken at Lake Holden Inn.

"Our goal is to ensure Orange County citizens have a safe, crime-free environment," said Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Jane Watrel. "We will continue to monitor the property."

Prince said approximately 20 residents have left the hotel since the owners took control in March.

She said she's noticed a drop in crime, but she said she has nowhere else to go, and she said she feels caught between the owners and the deputies.

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