New Smyrna Beach woman says driver intentionally ran over her dog

Police searching for gold Lexus with tag No. DYYR14

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. – Police are looking for the driver a New Smyrna Beach woman says hit her dog, and after seeing he was injured, hit him again, killing the animal.

Alice Carter is mourning the loss of her 11-year-old golden retriever yellow lab, Bubba, after someone fatally struck him Tuesday afternoon on U.S. 1.
"The first time it was an accident. The second time, you intentionally killed my dog," Carter said. "He was beautiful. He was such a good puppy. He was such a good boy."
Carter said Bubba darted out of the house on Red Bay Court and across the street in the pouring rain. She and a friend ran after him as he ran across U.S. 1.
"I immediately stopped calling him because I didn't want him to hear my voice and come back across the highway at me," she said.
Seconds later, Carter said a gold Lexus driving north on U.S. 1 hit Bubba.
"The driver of the vehicle got out of the car, looked to see what he hit, got back in the car and hit my dog again," Carter said.
Carter's friend, Bo McCray went over to get Bubba and brought him back to the house.
"He probably could have lived and bounced off. But, when they did it again, you ain't going to live through that," McCray said.
Carter, now lives in a quiet house, with nothing but Bubba's toys as a reminder. She hopes police catch the driver who caused her so much anger and pain.
"I just want this person who killed my dog to have to live with themselves. It's what I want," she said.

A New Smyrna Police Department spokesperson said a dog running in the street and getting hit by a car does not place fault on the driver of a car, however, police are looking into if the driver ran it over a second time on purpose.
Police are looking for a gold Lexus with front end damage. The tag number is DYYR14. Anyone with information is asked to call the New Smyrna Beach Police Department.

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