Secret safe found under living room floor in Longwood home

Seminole County family hopes to crack it open, learn what's inside


LONGWOOD, Fla. – A Seminole County family hopes to learn what's inside a safe that was found in their home shortly after they moved in. 

The safe, which is built into the floor of their living room, has remained closed since they bought their house in 2016. 

"When we had the house re-keyed when we first bought it, of course we had the locksmith take a look at it then," the homeowner, Missy Elliott, said. "And I've posted Facebook ads on different groups, trying to find someone to open it."

It bears an unidentified logo and was used by the previous owner. But Elliott said that owner died suddenly, and his widow never knew the combination or what was inside. 

"Because he was the only one who knew the safe combination, there's a better chance of something being in there," nephew Zach Emery said. 

But this mystery might finally get an answer on Saturday as Elliott turns her birthday party into a "safe opening" party with her friends trying to open it.  

"It's been two years in the making," she said. "A lot of our friends know the safe is here and it's killing everyone." 

Elliott is still searching for an affordable locksmith who can open it when her friends fail. 

The couple understands that most likely, the safe will be empty. But they need to be sure. 

"I would just like to be able to, if there's nothing there, cement it up and have a normal floor," she said. 

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