Cottonmouth snake found in backyard of Lake Mary home

4-foot cottonmouth seen near edge of pool screen trying to camouflage itself

A Cottonmouth snake is found in Lake Mary.
A Cottonmouth snake is found in Lake Mary.

LAKE MARY, Fla. – A deadly cottonmouth snake was found in the backyard of a Lake Mary home.

The reptile was captured just in time.

"One more step and it could have been a different story," said Bob Cross, who's been catching wildlife for more than 18 years.

Cross said his neighbor three doors down came running over to his home when she saw a 4-foot-long cottonmouth near the edge of her pool screen trying to camouflage itself in the dark mulch.

"This snake was laying behind the screen and the grass and she's cutting walking towards it, and she doesn't see it till it comes into focus of the blade," Cross said.

Cross said venomous snakes such as this start to come out in neighborhoods at this time of year for mating season and, by the look of this snake's belly, he believes it's pregnant. He said he lives very close to the Wekiva River and Preserve and sees all kinds of wildlife.

Cross said a bite from a cottonmouth, also called a water moccasin, could kill you unless you get a timely dose of anti-venom.

Neighbors who live nearby are keeping an eye out.


"I'm a little concerned since the snake was found right behind my house, because I have children and a small dog," Jennifer Szabo said. "Always be aware of your surroundings. Look in the grass."

Cross said he'll be taking the snake to the Discovery Reptile Center in DeLand, where anti-venom is produced. He hopes that, by catching the snake, someone's life has been saved.